Bergen Meadow Elementary, Evergreen, CO
1st Grade

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Date Joined: January 24, 2011

What happened with your weather in the past week or so?

An update! It's been a while since we've been able to log-in. Today's weather was a bit cool and windy, but not too bad. Today the sun was out and the temperature was in the 50's and 60's. Over the last couple weeks we've had some serious weather related issues as we've had some wildland fires in our region, last Friday was the closest. Our mountains have had plenty of snowfall (it's still snowing up there) but down in our foothills and on the flatter portions it has been very dry and with high winds it makes dangerous conditions for fires. We are hoping for some precipitation within the week.

The weather in Evergreen, CO on March 14th was...

Temperature: Feels wonderful, sunny with a bit of a breeze. Gusts up to 39mph.
Celsius: 18.9 degrees Celsius
Fahrenheit: 66 degrees Fahrenheit
Precipitation: none
Sun rose: 7:13am
Sun set: 7:06pm


Tell about a stereotype about your country/area. Can you tell us what parts are true or what parts are false?

Our school is in the foothills of Colorado's beautiful Rocky Mountains. We are surrounded by beautiful evergreen and pine trees. Some days at school, if you get there early enough and the season is right the elk and deer pass right through the parking lot, playground and soccer fields - it's pretty amazing. Many people believe Colorado is cold and snowy a lot of the time, little do they realize we have about 300 sunny days a year in Colorado!


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