Classroom name: Ellsworth Avenue School EASschool.JPG
Mrs. Baker, Library Media Specialist
Danbury, CT

Grade level: Second Grade


Date you joined:1/20/11
What happened with your weather in the past week or so?

As of 1/21/11, Connecticut has had about 55 inches of snow. Our average for the entire year is 47 inches of snow. With the record being 117 inches in 1995-96. We have had 4 days off from school due to snow and have had 2 delays.
Tuesday, 1/25/11 - We are having another snow storm. It was supposed to be just a little dusting. It is 8:00AM and we have about 3 inches of snow and it is still snowing. We had a delayed opening which turn into a cancellation. Here is a picture of our playground covered in snow.

The weather in Danbury, CT USA on March 14

Celsius: 4 degrees
Fahrenheit: 40 degrees

Precipitation: Slight Flurries
Playground on 3/14/11 artificial turf

Sun rose: 7:03
Sun set: 6:56

Today it is a cold and cloudy, but you can feel that spring is in the air. During recess winter coats and hats were still worn, but the snow has melted. The temperature was only 40 degrees Fahrenheit. The average temperature is 47-48 degrees. The soccer balls were out as well as the basketball hoops. Children played tag and used the climbing equipment.

This winter we have had to close school 9 times and have had numerous delays due to snow We had about 81 inches of snow. This is not a record, but it is a lot for Connecticut. This past week it has been warm enough for the snow to melt, but we have had a lot of rain. During the first two weeks of March we had 4.69 inches of snow which is 3 inches more than normal. Between the melting snow and rain the river that runs through this area has flooded and caused some roads to be closed.
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Tell about a stereotype about your country/area. Can you tell us what parts are true or what parts are false?
One stereotype of Connecticut is that the area is filled with people who live in expensive houses and have important jobs. While that is true of some areas of Connecticut, it is not true for all areas. Danbury is a multicultural area that has some beautiful, single family homes, but it also has areas where large, older homes have been divided into apartments and are rented out to families. In our school, of 400 students, we have a very diverse population. Almost one third of our students are English Language Learners. Many of them come from Ecuador, Brazil, Dominican Republic. We also have students from India, and Cambodia. One of the reason that this project was so successful in this school was because the students could share personal stories of some of the areas that we read about.