Classroom name: (School, Teacher, or Grade Your city/country)
Christina Swinn
Eisenhower Elementary School
Gettysburg, PA USA

Grade level:
First Grade (6-7 year olds)

Contact's email:
skype chrisswinn25

Date you joined:
February 9, 2010

What happened with your weather in the past week or so?
We have been having a VERY SNOWY February! We have had two major snowstorms in the past week on the east coast. In Gettysburg, we currently have three feet of snow on the ground. We have had late starts, early dismissals and now the schools are closed. We have had blizzard like conditions, with strong wind gusts and heavy snow. Travel is difficult. Roads are snow and ice covered. Temperatures have hovered below or around freezing. Airports are closed and flights canceled. All schools and most businesses have now been closed. In the Gettysburg area, we can hardly wait for spring to arrive!

A Snowy Gettysburg Battlefield

February Blizzard

The weather in
Gettysburg, Pa
on March 17
Celsius: 18.3 degrees
Fahrenheit: 65 degrees

Precipitation: none

Sun rose: 7:17 am EDT
Sun set: 7:71 pm EDT

Story: It was a beautiful day in Gettysburg, PA USA on March 17, 2010. It was sunny and warm. We enjoyed an extra recess after lunch. We spent the day continuing our study on the book On the Same Day in March. We have enjoyed reading the book in guided reading. We found many words with the endings s, ed and ing. We then wrote our own stories with these endings during writing workshop. We selected words from the book and clapped them out and named how many syllables there were. We located all the compound words. We read the story and located all the places on a world map and on the globe. We then used a map to locate all of the schools that were involved in our project. We have used weather internet sites daily to track the temperature in these communities at 12:00 EDT. We have been recording these on thermometers. After reviewing all the weather data that we could compile, we decided that of all the areas that we had investigated, Gettysburg probably had the best weather conditions on the 17th! Today (March 17) , we had the wonderful opportunity to skype with two individuals in England and in Spain. They did an awesome job of telling about the weather conditions in these two areas! This was our first time using Skype and it added so much to our study as we completed our own tour of the world's weather. Later on in the day, we enjoyed skyping with a wonderful fourth grade class at North Bend Elementary. We loved hearing about all they were doing "on the same day in March!" We viewed the BrainPopJr. movie on Seasons and completed the activities. We learned what causes the different seasons to occur. We used Google Earth to set up a tour of the schools in our project. We placed all of our work on bulletin boards outside of classroom! We had an absolutely awesome time reading the book On the Same Day in March! We really ENJOYED being a part of this project.

Gettysburg Students Enjoying the Warm Weather

Tell about a stereotype about your country/area. Can you tell us what parts are true or what parts are false?