Classroom name: W.S.Hawrylak School, Regina, Saskatchewan

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What happened with your weather in the past week or so?
The temperature in Regina has literally been up and down! The low temperature this week was -48 degrees celsius with the windchill (equal to -54 degrees fahrenheit) and our high temperature is today at -12 degrees. Regina has LOTS of snow this year--the kids are happy because they can make huge forts but the adults are tired of shovelling!


Saskatchewan, or even Canada in general is home to a weather stereotype regarding our weather. Many people think that because of our location, we have snow all of the time and have cold weather year round. We have even had some students in North America ask us if we live in igloos and use dogsleds and snow mobiles for transportation!

So, we think it is important to talk about a few myths or stereotypes about Saskatchewan weather and lifestyles. Yes, we do have snow, which can include up to 4 feet high snowbanks but it usually only snows from November to March. Our temperatures during those months can range from +10 degrees celcius to -40 degrees celcius. During some of our really cold spells, we can have temperatures as low as -49 degrees celcius with the windchill. We don't like to go outside on THOSE days. But generally, we dress warm and in layers so that we can enjoy winter outdoor activities such as skiing, snowshoeing, skating and just playing in the snow. We live in houses like most people and use snowmobiles for recreation. Not very many of us have been on a dogsled.

Saskatchewan is located on the prairies in Canada and the snowy landscapes, sundogs and sunny skies are spectacular, in any weather!

The weather inRegina, Saskatchewanon March 1st



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