Classroom name: Ms. Howell-Martin's Class
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Date you joined: 3/09/11

What happened with your weather in the past week or so?



Sun rose:
Sun set:

Story: We are famous for the Daytona 500 Speedway, beaches you can drive on, a cool boardwalk, and we are
known as the Sunshine State.
We are close to Disney, Wet and Wild, Sea World, Busch Gardens, and Universal Studios. We also have Ripley's
Believe It or Not, Daytona Lagoon, and Miami Beach is only 400 miles away.

Tell about a stereotype about your country/area. Can you tell us what parts are true or what parts are false?
Our state is known as the Sunshine State, however, while we do get a lot of sun, we also get a lot of rain. This helps our most famous fruit, the orange, reach its tasty best!