March 24, 2013
Indianapolis has been experiencing cooler than usual temperatures for the last several weeks. We are all excited and ready for spring but our temperatures have been more winter like. We are usually in the mid 50's as a high temperature this time of year, but we have been hanging around the low 30's for the last few weeks. Then, while we have been on break for this last week, we began to hear about a winter storm heading our way!!! It has hit today, Sunday. We already have about 4 inches and the snow is still coming down hard. All of the schools in our area, including ours, are on a 2 hour delay for tomorrow. That means that school begins 2 hours after the regular start time. This helps give the snowplows a chance to get the streets cleared and this later start time allows us to drive to school in the daylight instead of darkness. This will certainly change our temperatures, etc. for this project, but I bet that we won't be alone. :)
I will post a picture of our spring snow tomorrow.


March 1st-- March came in like a lamb. Nice weather, High was 67. Then on the Second of March, It roared through our area! A tree was hit by lightening next to our school and exploded. We had very high winds and downpours of rain. We were lucky in our area. Others in our state were not, many lives lost and homes totatlly destroyed in the Southern part of our State.

Classroom Name: First Grade Class
St. Pius X Catholic School

Grade Level: First Grade

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Indianapolis, Indiana

A Tour of Indianapolis, Indiana

Our area is called the crossroads of America. This is true as we sit in the middle of Midwest. We are know for our sports and racing. We are home to the Indianapolis 500 Mile Race, the Indianapolis Colts
and the Indiana Pacers. We host many college sports like the NCAA basketball tournament. We hosted the 2012 SuperBowl. We are known for our many state colleges-- Indiana University, Purdue University,
Notre Dame, Ball State, Butler, Wabash College and Marian.